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Biceps tendonitis

While using the traditional KinesioTaping Method could have sufficed for this clients pain levels related to his tendonitis, I found the ‘EDF’ taping to offer more immediate relief as well as less consistent discomfort for this client over the following days.

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

This application involves an inhibition of the pectoralis minor, subclavius muscles and anterior scalene muscles. Her hand/arm numbness were treated with massage originally and the KinesioTape was worn for 5 days to encourage new movement patterns.

Post operative liposuction

This client was seeing me for post operative liposuction swelling and pain. She had a few hot spots that could not be easily touched before KinesioTape was applied. Once the KinesioTape was applied I was able to lightly massage her abdomen with no discomfort.

Menstrual Cramps

This application was used to help relieve her cramps. She visits once a month solely for this purpose. As for the direction, when I applied it in the opposite manner it did not relieve her discomfort but in this direction it did. The ‘Y’ tails are directly over her area of discomfort.