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Lumbar fascial sprain

This client had tail whipped himself and sprained his lumbar fascia. The two diagonal applications are fascial corrections to support the lumbar fascia. The strip across the low back is a space correction to help remove pain and the vertical strips are erector facilitations.

Scoliosis 3

I did something different for this scoliosis treatment but it had very positive results, and since then have used this application frequently. The 3 upper strips of KinesioTape are all mechanical corrections for the rib cage. Her breathing became easier and her right arm nerve pain disappeared before the end of the treatment.

Postural correction

This was an early treatment I had to help with this mans upper back pain due to severe medial rotation of the shoulders. Looking back on it there was likely too much KinesioTape being used, I should have limited the application to 4 strips. Less is more after all.