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I graduated from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in 2005, I have been a Reiki Teacher since 2003 and a KinesioTaping Practitioner since 2008 KinesioTaping Instructor since 2012.

For the past 13 years I have been fortunate to be able to work with patients from all walks of life, office jockey to Olympic athlete. I have dedicated my practice to the understanding of soft tissue, its many components and it’s relationship to the function of movement.

The massage work that I do is aimed at reducing pain and discomfort as well as increasing range of motion and pain free time while maintaining desired activity levels, which is a vital component to the work. Weather professional athletes, weekend warriors or clients with no time for self-care, pain in the body restricts our ability to carry out our daily activities.

The goal of each treatment is to evaluate where the discomfort is originating from and reduce the effect that the root cause of pain is having on your body as well as to target the manifestation of pain itself. -Treat the pain and the cause of the pain.-

I have also had the fortune to work intimately with the KinesioTaping Association International as both a practitioner and an instructor. I have found great joy in teaching the KinesioTaping Methodology and try to demonstrate that passion in each treatment.

Pediatric Massage

I became certified in Pediatric massage in 2016 in order to further help my patients. I have come to see that many of our adult, over-use pains originate in our earlier years, through movement patterns or injuries. My hope is to be able to encourage healthy movement at an earlier age in order to prevent longterm detrimental movement patterns.


This has long been a core concept in my practice, from my training at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy to my teaching with the KinesioTaping Association, fascia has been the foundation of my work. The fascia is so intimately connected to our contractile tissue and diverse in it’s roles that treating it is often enough to create significant change. (I recommend watching these videos from Dr. Guimberteau)

Other modalities that spent a lot of time on in continuing education are: Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue, Anatomy Trains Methodology, Passive Positional Release, Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Vodders) and more recently research in the massage industry.


2012-Present Certified KinesioTaping Instructor
2015 Cannondale Factory Racing Team
2009-2014 Trek Factory Racing Team
2011 SpiderTechC10 Road Race Team
2010 USACycling (PanAmerican Mountain Bike Team, Elite training camps)
2010 Canadian Cycling Association BMX Team
2005-2009 Flatirons Athletic Club
2006-2008 Colorado Rapids U-23 Development Team