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2 months post knee replacement

I started seeing this client 2 months out after a full knee replacement. Her AROM and PROM were quite limited due to the scarring and pain (pretty typical). With the use of both massage and KinesioTaping used for pain and scar manipulation both ROM’s were able to increase noticeably but the main result was a […]

Fascial tear (posterior knee)

A fall led to a full tear of the posterior fascia of the knee. The pain was intense and this client was barely able to walk. Using the lymphatic strips helped reduce his swelling and changed the blood quality (as is clearly seen) but using the space correction helped reduce his pain enough to walk-even with a […]

Post ACL (3 hours)

The doctors had me use KinesioTape for lymphatic drainage post operatively on this client before she had even left the hospital. We applied the lymphatic strips every 7 days and each time the client expressed significant changes in her pain levels.