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Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI)

For this KinesioTaping application I was not able to tape for the pain-a concept we encourage our students to always do- ‘Tape for the pain and the cause of the pain’ as her pain was a bone issue. I was not using one of the corrective techniques that we teach in the courses but focusing solely […]

Hamstring strain & pain

This hamstring application was used on a recent hamstring strain (mild). It is a muscle inhibition and a web space correction directly over his point of pain. His pain was mainly due to inflammation and pressure on the inside. I chose not to do a lymphatic KinesioTaping application since his pain was greater than his […]

Iliotibial Band Syndrome

  This was ‘helix’ fascial LinesioTaping application that i created for a specific clinical condition. This clients fascia was adhered in many different directions and needed a multi-directional corrective continuos pull. The pink strip was also overlapping her greatest area of discomfort. After using this application on her I have found this technique to be […]