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KinesioTaping Method AC Joint

This is the more traditional KinesioTaping Method technique we teach in the courses, both ‘mechanical’ correction over the humerus and a ‘donut hole space’ correction over the hot spot of the AC joint itself. I, and many other practitioners, have had great success with these applications in reducing the clients pain. Most clients with AC […]

Web space correction at AC joint

The web space corrective technique used here offered this client significant relief. This client was not suffering from AC Joint pain but was experiencing a severe ache in the joint. There was no palpable sensitivity or relief with massage and so I used the web technique. Still not 100% sure as to why it offered […]

AC Joint Variation

This non-typical AC joint KinesioTaping application varies in that I used a web-space correction over the AC joint instead of a donut hole. The reasoning is that this athlete needed to compete the following day and this offered her slightly more stability. The splaying of the tails on the mechanical correction was so that the […]