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Massage: $95.00

Since graduating I have made it a focus of mine to study the nervous system and its interaction with the soft tissues of the body to be able to better effect change through out the muscles, tendons, ligaments and I feel most importantly, the fascia. Each massage that I offer focuses heavily on changing the fascia in the body and from there re-evaluating which soft tissues need further work. I have also taken the time to focus on the lymphatic system and its relationship to pain in our bodies due to pressures being created in our soft tissues. Much of the discomforts we feel are simply a imbalance of pressures that lie in our soft-tissues.

Massage/KinesioTaping: $95.00

During these treatments, once the massage has been completed, we take the time to evaluate further changes that can be accomplished through the use of KinesioTape. These sessions involve more post massage assessment, KinesioTape applications and re-assessments to confirm the effectiveness of the tape.

KinesioTaping: $50.00

Some treatments are simpler than others and involve less time, assessment and bodywork. For those cases I am offering a shorter visit where the only treatment tool is KinesioTape. We will take the time to assess, tape and re-assess before you leave the office. These situations are often reserved for clients that have been receiving long term care, are in a state of homeostasis and find that KinesioTape is the only necessary treatment for them to be pain free.

Pediatric Massage

I became certified in Pediatric massage in 2016 in order to further help my patients. I have come to see that many of our adult, over-use pains originate in our earlier years, through movement patterns or injuries. My hope is to be able to encourage healthy movement at an earlier age in order to prevent longterm detrimental movement patterns.


This has long been a core concept in my practice, from my training at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy to my teaching with the KinesioTaping Association, fascia has been the foundation of my work. The fascia is so intimately connected to our contractile tissue and diverse in it’s roles that treating it is often enough to create significant change. (I recommend watching these videos from Dr. Guimberteau)

Other modalities that spent a lot of time on in continuing education are: Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Tissue, Anatomy Trains Methodology, Passive Positional Release, Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Vodders) and more recently research in the massage industry.